Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tuesday's Rage...

So Tuesday is possibly my least favoured day of the week – primarily as I no longer feel refreshed from the weekend past and the next weekend seems so very far away. As such, the work day drags (I always find Mondays fly by even if the weekend has been less than relaxing) and I tend to struggle for motivation for the more arduous tasks. This obviously isn’t helped by my commute, with Tuesdays raising additional trials of patience just to make the day all that but harder.

My gripe is in respect of weekly bus passes, with Tuesday apparently the day of choice to purchase (I can only surmise that this has something to do with bank holiday Mondays). I am always eager for all aspects of life to run on time and to schedule so the resulting delay challenges my patience no end.

It seems despite standing in a queue for what seems like hours waiting for the arrival of a bus, a ridiculously large number of people will not utilise this otherwise wasted time to get their fare or ticket handy in readiness for boarding. I must admit that women, given their want to carry a handbag with them wherever they go (cramming in as many worldly possessions as they can muster), are usually the worst offenders in this regard and as such, usually rank towards the top of my mental hit list (don’t even get me started on the frantic ringing mobile phone handbag scramble)!

It seems bus drivers also share my pain and too seem quite put out when a weekly bus pass is requested. Not only does it mean that notes are tendered (thereby pillaging their precious stock of change), it also involves having to place the printed ticket in to a holder and sticking down some sticky back plastic. This all takes time and as a result, you can rely on the bus reaching every stop later than usual (providing even more opportunity to ready your fare!) which invariably results in a collective fluster for all passengers eager to catch a connecting train/bus service.

Buses and trains also seem to be busier on a Tuesday. This I imagine has something to do with fewer passengers on a Monday (perhaps taking a long weekend or having overslept from a heavy weekend) but I don’t imagine it is particularly any busier than a Wednesday or Thursday – it just seems that way as I am already in a bad mood merely in expectation of the day ahead. This means that space and seating is a premium commodity on all forms of transport and sweaty frotting seems the order of the day – not ideal (even to the most willing recipient of the frot I imagine).

So, if you want to make one small change which will make your life, and those around you, that little less testing – try having your bus fare or travel ticket handy upon arrival at the bus stop/station. Not only will it keep things moving with relative ease thereby improving the life of those around you, it will also stop me wanting to pull your handbag from your rummaging grasp and beat you round the head with it…


  1. haha you are so right, Tuesdays are horrible! I always have the most work & calls on Tuesdays, I guess people want to start the week slowly and leave Monday's often open for catching up on e-mails etc. and then on Tuesdays you get all at once...

  2. I agree - Tuesdays are by far the worst day in all respects! Love this post.