Friday, 19 November 2010

Attack of the clones…

Not of the Star Wars variety, but in this instance of the Vidal Sassoon hairdressers (or ‘Stylist’, ‘Technician’ or some such!).  Having boarded the train on my way to work, pleased with the fact that the train was running on time, I sat down at a table only to be trapped moments later by a hoard of Vidal Sassoon workers struggling with numerous Vidal Sassoon bags and vanity cases. 

Whilst they settled in for the journey (tipping drinks over the table as their bags toppled, searching for lost tickets (only having to buy more as they couldn’t subsequently locate two), storing their vanity cases in the luggage storage area and setting out their magazines, make up bags and iPhone 4s across the whole table) I was overcome by the clone like nature of their party.  Despite the visual similarity of all young, slim, donning varied versions of trendy outfits (all black of course) and sporting hairstyles all of a similar ilk (coloured within an inch of its life and coiffured into seemingly gravity defying styles), their actions, squeals and mannerisms were worryingly identical.  Is the Sassoon Academy Education akin to some form of Stepford (Wives) institution?!

It transpired that they were off to undertake some show in Hull (who would have thought Hullensians were at all astute in the ways of follicular fashion?) and were busy going over their proposals for the 3 models sitting away in the neighbouring carriage.  Terms such as Tecktonik hair styling and kinetic cutting techniques (for the benefit of those as confused as me: tecktonik and kinetic) were bandied about and it made me somewhat aware of quite how old and stuck in my ways I am becoming!  Claims were made at how developed and scientific hair cuts and styling are and how really, the whole practice is increasingly academic. 

I like to think that my barnet is somewhat vaguely de rigueur but I am at a loss as to why hairdressing is aiming towards becoming a science in its own right.  Granted it is a skill and I accept it requires an aesthetic eye but scientific?  Of course, I didn’t want to burst their bubble, particularly given how excitable they were.  After all, certainly a change from the normal passenger on the early commute…


  1. It isn't a science at all, but it's part of the consumer boom we've had. The fact that hair-cutting has made lots of money makes them think it's really important. I like a nice hair cut, I also like a nice cup of tea, doesn't make it a science though. In London it's very hard to get a haircut for less than a tenner (cheers Mario!), which I think is reasonable for someone who doesn't worry about his hair too much. I've never really understood why anyone ever paid more than £30, and if people are feeling the pinch I would see that as an obvious saving.

    (I'm aware that I sound like an old mad complaining about the modern world - but I'm only 27, honest!)

    You can get clippers from Argos for around £20 and cut your own hair for free if you're a guy (sorry Mario!). Looks fine. Maybe I'm a hair scientist now!

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  3. Sorry, I deleted my comment by mistake! What I said was...

    I once exited a hair salon looking like a particularly frazzled poodle. As I was very young at the time it didn't dawn on me to complain. But the experience traumatized me for life and I now look at hairdressing with a jaundiced eye.
    In Spalding where I live, you can go to a particular salon and have you hair done for the princely sum of £120 and upwards. Having been in a position of witnessing some of the resulting hairstyles, I've come to the conclusion they also provide a labotomy for no extra charge.
    It's all hype nowadays, with the sheep following whomever shouts the loudest.

    19 November 2010 13:46

  4. Hello! Love the way you write! I'm very new to this and not very good at it - are there any pointers apart from 'posts too long' that you'd have?

  5. Hel - having checked out your blog I really don't think you need have any concerns. Besides, I am but a newbie to the world of blogging so don't actually have anything useful to say (other than make sure it isn't littered with spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors as that might put people (well people like me) off - which clearly isn't an issue for you)...